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  Out there we started a long chit-chat  She stood nearby us and glanced at With confusion on her face and hopes in her eyes She approached us with fear in her voice Handling a paper she stood beside To know… Continue Reading →

Greeting an Another Beautiful Chapter 2020

A year ago, on 31st December 2019 I was alone in my hostel room in pajamas. My all roommates were out at their friend’s place and at their hometown. I remember all food delivery apps were not working post 9pm… Continue Reading →

The River…

Coming up with the next guest post and apologies because I’ve really really delayed it a lot!! This poetry is by amazing writer Pamela Jessen… Photography by- LifeCapturedinLens I stand on the edge of a river The water runs clear… Continue Reading →

The End is Near…

Coming up with the next guest post. Here’s an amazing piece by talented poet Mudita. The End Is Near Image credits: pexels.com As the time to depart nears by, Heavy drops of memories roll off my eye. As this chapter… Continue Reading →

Guest Post 1: You're not the only one

So finally started with publishing our guest bloggers!! Here presenting a beautiful poem by Miss Uma Marda. Title: You’re not the only one People always say, ‘Why always me? ‘ Ask yourself, ‘ Why not you? ‘ Many are suffering… Continue Reading →

Story of your Life

Hello there, I hope you all are doing great. So, my readers who have been reading my blog since quiet a while might have realised the kind of content I write about. And for those who are new to this… Continue Reading →

Her Battle…

Soaring into storms of ocean waves She had her own ship aptly sailed With trembling feelings and terrifying fears Fighting every struggle she got in here Obstacles all over on that pathway Yet she chose to run carving out her… Continue Reading →

A letter to the Man of our Country

It’s been a month since he was chosen as the Prime Minister of our country again. Just like 2014, people have again entrusted him with handling the reigns of this wonderful country. He has been instrumental in transforming not just… Continue Reading →

Life of a Savior- Doctor

Usually I draft my writeups in my phone notes section or on word app but today I didn’t draft anywhere. I am just out pouring it all here. 3 months ago, in my post Country’s true love I had written… Continue Reading →

Mind Games

It’s been a month I shifted here. Everything is good, exactly the way I had expected it to be. Maybe there was reason for some things to happen. And those some things I mean were some low phases where you… Continue Reading →

Country's True Love

I’m not writing this representing a particular country. I’m not writing this thinking about my own people. This is for each one of you! Background image credits- PicsArt Sometimes I feel how badly I have to adjust in my hostel… Continue Reading →

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