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Life is full of experiences, both sweet and sour. You learn from both of these. And this is what gives you power to find yourself...


January 2017


“Gracias” meaning “Thank You” in Spanish. One of the five magical words. At every point of life we happen to meet people who teach us many more things. I thank all of them and everything they taught me. Good people… Continue Reading →

Gratitude to God

Standing at the junction of two paths Here I am few feet away from u I gathered courage and efforts So I can return back to u   I blamed u for all my deeds As u knew the wrong… Continue Reading →

Happy Street- worth an experience!

  You Grow! You grow each day, each hour , each minute and every second of your life. Looking back we realize that childhood was such a wonderful pace of our lives. Somewhere between “Mumma, can I go for playing… Continue Reading →

My Angel

MY ANGEL ! On my cozy cushion, I had fallen asleep She held me in her arms and kissed on my cheek Off to school and college she accompanied me Though I used to frown for not letting me free… Continue Reading →

Bcoz Life is Beautiful!

“Our company suffered a huge loss in business. The whole blame is on myself. I am leaving the job. Being the sole warning member I won’t be able to face my family. I can’t handle company and family responsibilities anymore…. Continue Reading →


CELLULAR JAIL- “KALAPANI JAIL” A jail with the blood of our Indian freedom fighters ! One of the important places of the Indian history and the moment you hear this “Kalapani Jail” the name of the great freedom fighter you… Continue Reading →

About the first trek!

    Shoelaces tied up and excited mood Putting up hoodie I just looked dude! Folding up my T-shirt sleeve Grabbing a backpack there I leave Dark at night , exploring in the woods Relying on my torch seemed little… Continue Reading →

2016- A Flashback

And there across the flashback I see If I could never be the better version of me Ups and downs, twists and turns Life had given this year of long runs People came as blessings and lessons For I needed… Continue Reading →


Sticky post

  Out there we started a long chit-chat  She stood nearby us and glanced at With confusion on her face and hopes in her eyes She approached us with fear in her voice Handling a paper she stood beside To know… Continue Reading →

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