“Our company suffered a huge loss in business. The whole blame is on myself. I am leaving the job. Being the sole warning member I won’t be able to face my family. I can’t handle company and family responsibilities anymore. What would people say? What would I answer them? I am responsible to get my family on streets. I am guilty and I punish myself. I QUIT! ”
“He ditched me. How could he do this to me? We were in relation for more than 7 years. We were gonna get engaged this year. How would I get him back? He meant everything for me in this world. I can’t live without him. I QUIT! ”
” I failed in my 10th Std boards. What would I do now ? What would I answer my parents? What about the world who had high expectations from me? Why did God do this to me? I don’t want to live anymore. I QUIT! ”
And “I QUIT” for a hell lot of reasons! People take life so lightly! You seriously think life is so priceless? I have seen people having not a single scope of living but still wish to live. Hospitals have seen comatose patients who want to get back to their routine and live their life to the fullest. Life is a the most precious gift! On the top to have human life with such a supreme 24*7 working brain isn’t just meant to end it! We all are here for a reason and do have our roles to play as a leading hero in our lives and maybe a junior artist in others’. We do commit mistakes in the journey of our life but that’s what life is meant to be. It can’t be just a simple path. Ups and Downs in this journey are the most essential aspect. Even a straight line in ECG means ‘DEAD’. Don’t you think without struggle and difficulties life would have been too monotonous? This is either ways true. There can’t be struggle or even for that matter happiness to last longer. As it is perfectly said ‘Time shall pass away anyway’. No particular phase is permanent.
Then why do we worry so much? Are we really scared to live ? Why are we constantly in search of happiness? The answer to this is ‘Lack of knowledge’. The lack of knowledge that happiness isn’t found anywhere but it’s within ourselves. External influences are all temporary. Let there be people, things, cherisable moments but nothing lasts for too long. If we decide to remain happy from within we don’t need any of these as external happiness. Lack of knowledge that a particular thing or a person is attached to us. We are souls. And souls are free of all kinds of bondages. So we are nowhere attached to anything in this universe. Lack of knowledge that we are tied up by the boundaries of this world. In fact we have tied this whole world into our boundaries. We have created limits for ourselves but soul is limitless. We do sometimes think that if I share my difficulties and problems with someone we shall feel good. But that relief is just temporary.
We get busy in catching up with our work and schedules so much that we forget to give ourselves the worthy time and never realize that this life is ours and for us. To know the real value of what life actual is , a person genuinely needs to understand what he is and is meant to be! Aristotle once said, ” The ultimate value of life depends upon awareness and power of contemplation rather than upon mere survival.” One needs to make the most of their lives by purifying their souls, making their souls happy not by external temporary unstable happiness but by unconditional, limitless happiness and peace in oneself. You aren’t important because of how long you lived, you are important because of how effectively u lived.
Natasha Tungare                                        autumn-leaves