You Grow! You grow each day, each hour , each minute and every second of your life. Looking back we realize that childhood was such a wonderful pace of our lives.
Somewhere between “Mumma, can I go for playing out?” and “Mom, can I go for nightout?” we all grew up.
Somewhere between “Papa, I want that lollipop” and “Dad, I want a laptop” we all grew up.
Somewhere between “Chocolate distribution on our birthdays and giving treats to our friends” we grew up.
We have a lot many reasons to realize our maturity and meanwhile we have lost the ‘little kid’ ¬†within us. Too busy to enjoy tiny happinesses. Too busy to dance like a maniac. Too busy sing out loud. We are so busy that making a life have took us to a world full of robots. And in these busy streets when you get to have fun at something called “Happy Street” why miss it? We often run short of time to visit any places outside to have fun or spend some time during weekends but Happy Street is an event occuring every Sunday morning and that too at your doorstep.
“Happy Street-Pune ” is organized by The Times of India every Sunday morning 6.30- 9.30 at different locations in Pune. The event is totally free of cost. No entry charges or related expenses. And I had an amazing experience attending the same for the first time at Kothrud in Pune. We can enjoy stuffs like Zumba dance, Orchestra , karaoke singing, and much more. Tonnes of games and activities for elders as well as for kids. Badminton, boxing, tug of war, Dodgeball, volleyball for all sport lovers. Cycling , skating and loads of activities ! The whole part of the street is occupied with all activities. And I just say that it was really possible to organize the traffic well due to traffic our police officers. This is a best place to re-live our childhood as none over here acts too old to play games! I myself had a lot of fun and believe me I had just lost my adulthood for those 3 hours. Every elderly you find is engrossed having fun in activities out there. And I would rather say along with 10 year old kid his 70 year old grandparent was actually an another kid!
Other than Happy Streets there are many more such events organized by different trusts, NGOs , groups for people for them to have a wonderful social life and connect with each other. Media should definitely help encouraging them and advertising them for more and more people to be a part of it. Cheers to those working for happiness and social welfare of the people and getting them all together! They actually teach you to live in the moment and forget all the worries.
-Natasha Tungare