Standing at the junction of two paths
Here I am few feet away from u
I gathered courage and efforts
So I can return back to u
I blamed u for all my deeds
As u knew the wrong path I chose
U could have stopped me there
Coz u were awake though i was in a doze
I was deaf to all the warning bells
And blind to all the realities
I dashed badly on those inhuman rocks
And realized my actual capacities
I am responsible for my mistakes
But they taught me what’s right
That phase of darkness is gone now
And the sun is there high up bright
Since then I know the way to act
When kindness arrives with poison
And u will always be there along
As everything happens for a reason
I thank u for everything I am
And all that you always teach me
Even if life happens during my journey
U will always be there for me 🙂
-Natasha Tungare