“Trust me, you won’t be able to reach the bus stop,” my friend said in raised voice. Unfortunately I had to miss last lecture because I knew sir would leave a little late and it would be impossible to get the bus in time less than 15 mins. I listened to my friend’s advice , packed up my bag and rushed quietly. Somehow my luck was good enough to get me an auto soon as I stepped out of college. I reached the bus stop pretty early though I had to wait there sitting and doing nothing.
After sometime, I noticed her. She had a college bag and a sling around her neck. I asked her, “ Excuse me, which bus are you waiting for?” she answered “Borivali ,12.30pm” What the hell! I thought to myself. I could have better attended the lecture and then left. Then I thought of enquiring at the ticket window. Apparently I got to know that both the buses 12.30 as well as 1.30 gonna arrive together which ofcourse I refused to believe in. I was kinda pissed off as I knew I shall have to wait for an hour or more. I sat again and started playing games on my cell phone. Just waiting for time to pass.
After few minutes I  again heard that familiar voice calling me out rather asking me something. Oh yes , it was her. “Hey, why are you looking so irritated? Are you ok?” I told her my situation and also that I had to each home early. She gave me an idea of getting into the bus prior. So did I and requested the conductor. Again I must say, my luck was really good. I sat on the next seat besides her. We had just started talking. Talked about studies, livingtown . I realized she was actually someone good to talk. And even I was really comfortable to talk and share much with her. Gradually we gotto know that we both share most of same interests. We had loads of topics to talk on. Films, shopping, lifestyle, politics, philosophy, hobbies and many many more. She was a big fan of ‘Minnions’. And as cute as a minnion too.
I am a type of person who doesn’t really get so close with people and that too so early. But this was I think my first longtime journey where we both just kept on our conversation for 5 hours maybe more than that. I might have never talked to anyone rather any stranger for such a long time. Finally my destination arrived and I had to get off the bus. “Hey, I didn’t ask your name,” “Pinkal” , for said. “Such an unusual name. Had never heard” . “My dad kept it.” She answered smiling. I know very few people who give their priority to family before anything. She’s one of those . We exchanged our contacts for which I got a small shout from mom who is too possessive about me for giving so much info about myself to someone I didn’t even know. But doesn’t matter and I proudly say we still are in a very good touch with each other.
People say that to make friends you don’t really need to have matching likes and interests but I feel it does. And to my case the later dis work out for such longterm close friendships. They are someone whom we can trust blindly , with whom we can talk madly and who listen to us carefully. That day I realized that even though for hours of journey you don’t really need earphones when you have someone special to talk to.
– Natasha Tungare