I  do feel sometimes low
Though reason for this I never know
A sweet smile starts my dawn
But at times an evening might be a frown
People, things , thoughts and environment
Is all what usually influences me
But again sadly for no reason
It can make me feel lonely
I have learnt to be strong enough
And always held my head high
As I’ve realized a best saying
That feeling good can never rise u in sky
A feeling is a part of emotion
Which can never be the same each time
Joy, grief, rage or pleasure
Can never retain for very longtime
People and situations have hurted me
And overthinking has pulled me down
But without their presence in my life
I would have never realized importance of my own crown
Life should always be a balance
Equally on either side with joy and sorrow
Hence we should never let ourselves down
As we have our wonderful dreams to follow!
-Natasha Tungare