That was Sunday afternoon and I was all alone in my hostel room. Reason being ‘Sunday’ and maximum people had their so called day outs and night out! Scrolling news feeds, checking Facebook updates, listening music, reading articles and of-course sleeping which I can never miss out to mention were few of my boredom busters! Opened the cupboard for some reason and found an old diary gifted by my friends for my birthday a year back. I just had a slight glance through it and found that I had barely written anything, first few pages full and rest empty.
“Yes got an amazing way to get rid of boredom and loneliness” I thought and at the same moment held a pen in hand. My brain just flooded with thoughts within microseconds! Well it’s said ‘You do not really have to think hard if you already have umpteen thoughts’. Though the real question was ‘What to Write?’ ‘How to put those thoughts up on an empty sheet?’ Well soon you get an answer the moment you grab your pen! The Pen! Writers, authors, poets have their best buddy which is their pen. I did the same and started writing about something I always cherished and that’s about my unending thoughts. Maybe good or bad, maybe happy or sad but that made me free my heart and clear my mind. It happens as if you’ve poured your whole heart onto the paper. If it’s a diary and that too a personal one, you might not necessarily show it to anyone. If it’s an article about some good experience, about travelling or just something fictional you might love sharing it with people.
“Your handwriting might reflect your personality. But what you write reflects your inner self”. Your pen and book can be your best friends forever. And yes, they are my forever best friends. They never gonna betray you, leave you or be selfish. In-fact whatever you write improves yourself, your nature and attitude. You can anytime pour your feelings onto a piece of paper. People might or might not be good listeners but your diary is! Even if you are tensed or worried about something and if at all you note it down, it is scientifically proven that you tend to get solution about it faster. Because when you write something your brain reads it twice. Once when you are thinking about it and later when you write it down. And it processes itself for finding answers to your problems.
You will observe most of the people who do not open up easily, talk less and tend to stay aloof from people have their minds usually full of thoughts and love writing more. They are deep thinkers. These are the ones who later turn out to be amazing writers and authors of famous books. Ayn Rand, Ruskin Bond, Rhoda Bryan and many more.
Writing is glorious, writing is precious
Scribbling your thoughts keeps you alive
You yourself are unaware where your mind drives!
And there begins the new story again…
-Natasha Tungare