Just as every Friday I went to the same place. It was 6.30 pm and it was almost twilight. I often go there at the same time. No particular reason but the environment around is something that has always soothed me. I could hear the melody of ringing bells, smell the sweet essence sticks burning.
Yes the same temple I would have loved to visit each day but time constraints allows me a single day in the whole week. Temple – a place where I go very often not to pray or wish but for peace of mind more and tremendous positive vibes. All the dismal thoughts wither away making your mind more blissful. And when I find myself at God’s doorstep, I eventually forget all the negative thoughts. I get a sense of well-being, delightful positivity which helps me get over any kinds of bad moods.
That Friday I entered the temple, bowed to God and just stood there for sometime. The guruji greeted me and handed me a ‘modak’ (a sweet) as ‘prashad'(eatables offered to worshipers as God’s blessing). He was quite familiar with me. “How are you Ajoba(grandfather)?” I asked him smiling, “As fit and fine as always”. His confident and witty answers are always worth listening. He is 82 year old man but his enthusiasm is as good as a young 35 year man. Very up to date in schedule, cleaning the temple , greeting the foreigners who come to visit the temple almost every alternate day. But never a single complain and always happy, smiling face.
I sat there nearby on a bench outside the temple which is my usual place to sit. At times I feel when we come to such quiet places, we tend to think a lot about ourselves, deep thoughts, thoughts about life! I had a glance around and found few people coming to click pics of the temple, chit chatting, two or three couples. And the guruji as always was grumbling about these couples for not finding any other place to spend their so called romantic moments. Just a casual stare everywhere around made me realize all aspects of life. I find that place something worth learning about life. Temples have heard the deepest prayers of all age groups. We tend to realize that our sorrows are less than trivial. A blissful feeling that you get when you believe that all your puzzles are getting solved one by one. I just fell in love with that feeling. Such an eternal feeling!
“It’s 7.45 my child” guruji said “we are shutting the temple within 10-15 minutes”. I came out of my day dreams and all those deep thoughts. I picked up my bag,waved at him and started heading towards the main gate. I always promise myself to visit this place as many times as finally I return home from there with a broad smile full of satisfaction.
In this world of modernity, have some spirituality
As it’s forever eternity, to free your soul from impurities!
-Natasha Tungare