Few days back I watched the movie “Guide”. One of the old legendary movies of Bollywood from year 1965 produced by Dev Anand. Truly Amazing role played by all actors and co-actors in the film. The most important was the story of the film and an unexpected ending. A whole life of a person running behind all fake happiness but later realising his mistake that nothing holds on for permanent and hence follows a spiritual path.
To explain the story in short – Raju who was guide doing well and earning well in his profession once encountered with Marco and his wife Rosie. Marco was archaeologist and Rosie was totally unhappy with Marco and his behavior towards her. Raju and Rosie fell in love but had to go through a phase of lot of struggles. They somehow get through everything and later Rosie being an amazing classical dancer performs at many shows and both of them earn really well. Raju got arrested due to certain crime and spends 2 years in prison and after leaving from jail he goes to a small village leaving everything but surviving there following a spiritual path. The villagers consider him to be a Saint who has come for the upliftment of village and hence the spirituality gets him to deep thinking about ‘soul’.
The name of the film itself is so apt. ‘Guide’- the one who shows us right path, who helps us finding the correct way. I did relate this story to the walks of human life. It’s so similar to every aspect of our lives and the changes that we go through in this one single journey. Priorities, different worldly pleasures, man running behind temporary happiness are something which have occupied the brains of humans. These all things are temporary. We ourselves are temporary in this world. Yes! We too are gonna leave this planet. When we ourselves aren’t going to be in someone’s life forever , how can we expect our family members, friends, life partner for keeping promises of ‘Forever’?

Soul is the only eternity

Whole world is otherwise insanity!

 We come across so many people in the form of guides- our parents, teachers, friends, relatives. Sometimes people whom we meet just once in lifetime can also teach us a lot. Unknowingly they all have something to teach us.
“Either they make you or break you but most importantly they teach you”- unknown author

We learn from what we experience in life. Experiences from people, things, from decisions we take that’s by self. After experience comes the realization of what is right and what’s wrong and that is what gives you wisdom to take correct decisions. It seems difficult to do self-analysis about these things but once you take out time you realize that you yourself are the ‘best guide’ for your own improvement!