In the midst of darkest night
In the shine of bright sunlight
At every beautiful scenery site
I try to find You!
In nooks and niches of my room
Highly desperate to see you soon
In my backyard lawns with a loom
I try to find You!
Philosophers say you’re omnipresent
Saints say you’re in spiritual essence
Though figuring out your presence
I still try to find You!
My efforts for You are true
But You’re nowhere, I turned blue
They asked “Who’s this You?”
And soul whispered, “I am within You”
“You’re not there” said my eyes
But feeling your presence, was my choice
Realising it I danced in rejoice
I found You before my demise
Now, In every demon and divine
In every beggar and sovereign
In every flora and feline
I thus found You!
-Natasha Tungare