This was originally posted on- Shumila Malik

I loved this poem and hence thought to share with all. 

The pain I feel today won’t even matter tomorrow,
Time will heal all my wounds and drown my sorrow.
Why then, like a little child my heart is stubborn?
Why does it quiver and cry and burn?

It worries about what my future will hold,
It wants to know how my life will unfold.
All I know is I want what I want to be mine,
I pray day and night but I see no sign.

I feel weak like I have no strength to bear,
But I also know that Allah is there.
He loves me very much and will do for me what’s best,
Maybe my distress is nothing but a test.

Then why this urgency in what I supplicate?
Why can’t I just patiently wait?
The worldly attachments have brought me heartache,
O’Allah! Detach me from what’s not mine for your sake!

Written By Shumila Malik