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June 2017

Bloggers' world – the unbiased connect

    We communicate with people when we feel that there’s a connect, there’s a vibe, a wavelength that matches the thoughts of the two. We get attracted to someone’s appearance, someone’s personality, someone’s oratory, maybe someone’s smile or way… Continue Reading →

Expectation vs reality

To a Paradise!

It was late in the evening. Clouds were showering heavy rains. I had held my umbrella and was heading towards home. It was turning dark and the rains became heavier with no sign of cease. The entire path was totally… Continue Reading →

Time Flies Away!

 Time being the most important​ aspect of our life or rather I should say we being part of the time which goes on without waiting for anyone ofcourse deserves this poem.  “Time teaches you everything” is a perfect saying. Good… Continue Reading →

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