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July 2017

A Letter to Future Self

Dear Self,  You deserve a great applause for what you are now. I am proud of you. But never stop there. Keep moving ahead with a smile through all walks of life.  Life- the most beautiful gift given by the… Continue Reading →

The Feline Euphoria…

“Hey Mom, where’s Jo?” Ariana asked her mom dancing all around the house as her vacations had started and wanted to spend most of the time with Jo. Mom’s reply was quite expected, “Not in my pockets dear! Search in… Continue Reading →

Blogger Recognition Award

Another award this month and feeling so proud about it! It’s been almost two weeks I couldn’t post about this award due to certain circumstances. So now , without any further delay I would like to thank Mr. Lonely from… Continue Reading →

I am Building up Myself!

‘Building up’- What does this exactly mean? It can be building up of personality, building up your scores or say building up with respect to health and fitness! To ‘build up’ is to construct, to compile, to establish, to create. … Continue Reading →

Unique Blogger Award….

It feels so beautiful when you get rewarded for what you write! Hello all! I am so so happy for this award. After joining WordPress, this is my first award. I would like to thank my friend Ashish Kumar who nominated… Continue Reading →

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