‘Building up’- What does this exactly mean? It can be building up of personality, building up your scores or say building up with respect to health and fitness! To ‘build up’ is to construct, to compile, to establish, to create. 
And today I decide to Build up Myself not just with respect to the above mentioned but to build upon what I want to do in my life. Why am I sharing this with you all? Today our sir told us about having an aim, to decide something. And all of us decided some goals which we shall attempt our best to complete each day which would take us closer to what we want to be.

Image credits- Google images (from brainyquote)
Today, being in medical profession I aim to treat as many patients as I can each. Even if the number is as high as 50 or even if it is 2 per day but I shall give my best to treat that patient. My prime aim in profession is “Not a single patient should return unsatisfied after a session of my treatment”. And I know that my goal will definitely get me to be the best physiotherapist! 
You feel it’s high time to decide something
Soon you can feel a spark within
Turn on that spark to create your own light
And the success you achieve will be more than just bright 
We all have certain goals, aims in life but why do we fail to achieve them? Because we do not work on them. We do not build ourselves for achieving these goals. Each day go closer to your aims in life. There are lot many excuses you always have but it’s only YOU who is affected by them and no one else. Sometimes we just need a little push for us to get what we want, to get clear what we wish. Today our sir turned out to be this push, a motivator! 
I wish all of you reading this decide your goal and build up yourself to achieve it!