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August 2017

Beauty of Simplicity

My article about “Maturity’s Measurements” spoke about the human misconception of maturity (how people consider maturity to be and what it actually is). This write-up of mine shall talk about another human misconception that’s “SIMPLICITY”. “I want to keep it… Continue Reading →

Ethics Anywhere or Nowhere?

Recently, I had a theoretical exam on professional ethics in my college. This exam is primarily conducted every year in most of the colleges to get us students acquainted with standard values and morals which are to be followed throughout… Continue Reading →

The Maturity's Measurement

“She shouldn’t be a school girl. Looking at her figure, she seems quite mature.” “Hey look , his muscles, beard, overall physique. He looks pretty mature.” – These people measured the maturity in terms of mere physical appearance. “His knowledge… Continue Reading →

Doctor Doctor, Help Help!

All the doctors who have been working day and night just for the betterment of their patients. This is for You! Image credits- Google images You have passed years of studying. You have got each symptom cured. Master of Medicine,… Continue Reading →

Parents- My Life's Core

My Heart always says “Must Go” But Momma always claims a big “NO” Our every conversation ends with fight Yet I inform her everything each night “Oh my child, but safety is the issue” Says Daddy wiping my tears with… Continue Reading →

Oh My Diary!

You always have a few things about yourself​ which you don’t want anyone to know or precisely other humans to know. Those few secrets you wanna pour out but can’t find anyone worth your trust. Or maybe you are not… Continue Reading →

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