All the doctors who have been working day and night just for the betterment of their patients. This is for You!

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You have passed years of studying. You have got each symptom cured. Master of Medicine, Director of Medicine, Allopathics, Ayuvedics, Homeopathics. You yourself worked harder for all emergencies! You never let the patient suffer and fear. They cried Doctor Doctor, help help and you Physicians were right here.
You have had a heart of stone but could never cry alone. “देव सर्व अवयव एकदाच देतो”(God gives you all the organs only once) but you were the one who repaired them and got them twice perfectly! Human anatomy is always in the core of your brains. Speciality and Super speciality all in your sphere. They cried Doctor Doctor , help help and you Surgeons were right here.
Surgeons give life to patient and You make that life worth living! You are the one who spend the highest time with the patient. You’ve been called nurses, dieticians and what not, yet you have always served the patients a lot. After surgeries, its all your domain and you even acted as the best counsellor. They called Doctor Doctor help help and you Physiotherapists were right here.
You made them recover their speech. You made patient’s every goal reach. Conversation and cognition skills were taught by you. Occupation and speech were regained by you. None other than patients themselves, understand how important you are. They just called Doctor Doctor help help and there you therapists are.
Every patient’s needs you sufficed. You were the one who ran during their cries. Patient’s care was always your prime goal. Helping in their ADLs (Activities of daily living) was always your role. Yet you deserve the White Coat everywhere. They called Doctor Doctor help help and you Nurses were right there.
You have always been taking care of their diet. Nutrition was the prime necessity for every plight. Diabetics, hypertensives and obese ones gained good health because of you. Health problems due to improper diet weren’t few. You proved your importance in medicine here. They called Doctor Doctor help help and you dieticians and nutritionists were right here.
Last, but not the least! You can never be forgotten atleast. You play every second role being a bachelor, an intern , a master. You are The Future Doctor! You learn, you write, you explore the world of medicine with a complete right. Good work is always appreciated remember. When patients will call you Doctor Doctor help help and you Students will be right there!
Treatment, rehabilitation and complete recovery of patient isn’t a “one person phenomenon”. Everyone in medical profession work for their patients. Patients are in grief, irritated, short tempered but all of you are understanding. This one is for You! All of You who have worked for their patients, who have interchanged their respective roles only to get their patient better and I am proud to be the one!