“She shouldn’t be a school girl. Looking at her figure, she seems quite mature.” “Hey look , his muscles, beard, overall physique. He looks pretty mature.” – These people measured the maturity in terms of mere physical appearance.
“His knowledge in this field is amazing. He explained the concepts so beautifully. Truly mature knowledge” – These measured the maturity in terms of knowledge. Still, sounds better!
“I had a talk with my best friend about sexual relationships. She is really mature to know these things.” -These people measured the maturity in terms of knowing about physical relationship. Infact in today’s world of modernity, this is considered to be ‘mature’.
Do you think you’re really mature? Especially if you know the above mentioned statements? NO, we aren’t mature at all if we feel that maturity is all about growing in physique, or knowing things better. Infact that’s actually where shallow thinking begins.
I personally feel maturity is much more than that. As said, “Maturity doesn’t come with age, it comes with experience.” It’s all about understanding these experiences and accepting what we experience!
Accepting success and having your feet on earth. Accepting failures and working harder towards success. Experiencing pains, not just physically but mentally too. Even after such experiences and falls in life, getting up, leaving the past and moving ahead. Understanding that a bad past is a good teacher and not a forever setback. Knowing the importance of whatever we have in our life and gratitude towards everything. Understanding that everything in life happens for a reason and being precise, it happens for good. Most importantly understanding that we ourselves are responsible for our own actions, whether they are right or wrong. “लोकाना कळतं पन वळत नाही” (people understand but do not implement) Why? Understanding and then implementation of those things in your life is the best you can do for yourself and for the society!
Now answer me. Are you mature? You know when I really felt like being mature?
When my Mother told me , “You’re the most understanding and adjusting girl at this young age who decided to stay in hostel by herself.”
When my Father told me, “I’m a proud parent that I have a mature daughter with whom I can share my every problem and she gives solutions like a mature person.”
When my Sir told me, “At such a young age you have your own blog. You’re already a step ahead.”
When my friends told me, “You are such a deep thinker. Your silence could never express your thoughts.”
And most importantly when the patients I treat, tell me, “Madam, I want to get treated only by you. None could ever understand my pain but you.”
That’s exactly where I felt I won as a mature person in life!