Recently, I had a theoretical exam on professional ethics in my college. This exam is primarily conducted every year in most of the colleges to get us students acquainted with standard values and morals which are to be followed throughout our professional practice. But does everyone know what ethics are for? And even if they know, does each individual implement the same in their practical life?
A wise person once said, ‘ethics is knowing what we have right to do and what is right to do.’ The most simple and comprehensslible definition of ethics! Not just professionals but I personally feel that ethics should be followed by each and every individual. A few polite words with a stranger, a good listener for a friend, neat and tidy presentation of ourself wherever we go is all a part of ethics. Ethics of life!
It is completely agreeable that it isn’t easy to stay polite with a smiling face every moment and in any situation. We sometimes lose our temper, be hard to someone, get irritated at places where we ideally shouldn’t. It’s totally human. But a small act of forgiveness, gratitude for good can help develop relations better. Whether that be a doctor-patient relationship, a customer- businessman relationship, or simply our parents, relatives, friends and other informal relationships.
Ethics is something significant in every aspect of life. Personal, family, professional and social circles are all enhanced by ethics. Even if we have right to do something we must know if it’s right to do it, how much ever trivial it might seem.

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I am the boss. I can walk in my office anyhow and at anytime. But I won’t.
I am the senior. I can definitely screw them. But I won’t.
I’m almost on the verge of bursting my anger out on someone. But I won’t.
-That’s ethics
Think about it! ☺