My article about “Maturity’s Measurements” spoke about the human misconception of maturity (how people consider maturity to be and what it actually is). This write-up of mine shall talk about another human misconception that’s “SIMPLICITY”.
“I want to keep it simple without any complications.” “I wanna dress simple.” “I want my wife to be a simple lady.” We often hear these statements from people. ‘Simplicity’ is something which attracts me more. But what does it exactly mean?
It might differ as per everyone’s perception as to what do they define ‘simplicity’. Sometimes we don’t really like people who wear dazzling clothes, put on excessive makeup. But we fail to understand that it’s their choice. And we have no right to judge them upon their choices. Appearance and choices can never define simplicity! We also tend to not like people who talk unnecessarily, flaunt their success, basically ‘hero talks and zero actions’ type people. Again these are the ones who catch attention by their speech. But is it that staying quiet means being simple? No, again it’s difficult to understand a simple personality merely by what that person talks.
I would like to share something about a friend of mine. She’s simple. Why do I find her a simple person? People around her rarely perceive her the way she actually is. She’s the perfect example for me who made me understand that every person who cracks jokes like crazy, acts silly isn’t always the happiest or without tension in life. She’s the one who made me realize that beauty isn’t always necessary to impress people. Kindness, being polite, caring for others works better. She’s like a hard crust but a soft core! For her, spending and investing time and money on education is more important than on all materialistic stuffs. Her free time is an investment in reading novels and books. I personally know what all has she been through, maybe not everything but i can definitely say that she’s a truly strong person. Despite of anything there’s always a smile on her face. She infact has a lot to flaunt for. The depth at which she understands and percieves things without any judgement, the humble being, despite of any success.
She may not be aware about the materialistic world but she surely knows the art of successful living. Did she join any class or course for this? No, those were her observations, experiences and knowledge which taught her “the simple living”. And I’m truly a lucky person to have her since my childhood. Whenever I feel boastful, proud for my success or any good deed or even materialistic, I simply remember her.