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September 2017

Formalities seemed sincere!

We meet many but get attach to few With them, informal chat isn’t something new Being close to humans gives a sense of fear Because Formalities seemed more sincere Thoughts convert into conversations Then is the disappearance of cordial relations… Continue Reading →

The Best Gift!

Small or large gifts doesn’t matter. What matters is how affectionately is the person gifting. Being in medical field, specially in Physiotherapy field we spend a lot of time with our patients. We see many patients in the entire day… Continue Reading →

The Pride being Physio!

“Why didn’t you take MBBS if you wanted to anyways be in Medical field?” asked my friends “Why don’t you become a lawyer like your Dad?” asked my relatives And I never had one answer. Because I have multiple purposes… Continue Reading →

The Best Transform!

Life gives you so many experiences. Happy, sad, good and bad! The most important are those lesson giving experiences which transforms you and changes you for a better self! Image credits- Facebook image Gaining strengths from my weaknesses Success in… Continue Reading →

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