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October 2017

The Inhuman Human

Somewhere I read ‘The humans have the highest intelligence, capability, thinking ability’ and then somewhere I read ‘The more I learn about humans, the more I like my dog’. Human Nature- one of the most changing, unreliable, unpredictable thing in… Continue Reading →

Someone's Diwali!

Diwali- A festival of lights, sweets, get togethers, family time and lots of happiness! But somewhere today we are forgetting the true importance of Diwali. The poor dog in the apartment doesn’t move an inch from his hiding place. Thanks… Continue Reading →

The Cloud Palace

Image credits: Facebook page Up there in the vault of heaven Is my magnificent cloud eleven Ornate with bright cotton velvet My palace offers me a banquet The snowy dome of it’s magnificent hall Making me completely enthrall I get… Continue Reading →

Custom towards Dependence, Dependence towards Addiction

“I can’t leave this habit of drinking wine. I need it to function daily.” “I’m used to talking and meeting him. Not even a single day of mine goes without our two hours conversation.” “I didn’t go to temple today… Continue Reading →

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