“I can’t leave this habit of drinking wine. I need it to function daily.”
“I’m used to talking and meeting him. Not even a single day of mine goes without our two hours conversation.”
“I didn’t go to temple today the way I go daily. Something bad will happen now.”
Ever wondered why some people can’t go off a few habits? And then these habits somehow get into their daily lives. They become dependent on to such habits and finally get addicted to it. It’s not just about dependence on alcoholic drinks, addiction to smoking or to caffeine, but to people, to things, to foods and much more.
You need to get this thing crystal clear that ‘daily practice of a good habit’ and ‘being dependent on that habit’ are completely different. Consider a simple example. “I play guitar everyday to feel calm, feel good and wash away my stress.” On the other hand, “I need guitar everydato get away from my stress. If I don’t play it, I feel totally gloomy.” The former helps you develop yourself psychologically, whereas the latter is something making you dependent on it. Think about this!
Something similar happens when you’re too attached to someone and don’t want them to go away from you. You need them everytime. Your happiness depends on them and when they don’t talk to you or aren’t with you, you feel sad. They become an external happiness factor for you. It’s good to have beautiful and friendly relations with people but being dependent on them in any way doesn’t help you at all. Build healthy relationship and not ‘addictive’!
The moment you feel you are getting too much dependent on something, you are getting used to a particular habit, learn to stop it then and there itself. Never let it overpower you. Letting go off sometimes becomes necessary. And see how beautiful life becomes when you are connected even being disconnected!
“Genius sometimes consists of knowing when to stop” – Charles de Gaulle