Diwali- A festival of lights, sweets, get togethers, family time and lots of happiness! But somewhere today we are forgetting the true importance of Diwali.
The poor dog in the apartment doesn’t move an inch from his hiding place. Thanks to the crackers sound which scare them.
The old lady living downstairs finds her deafness as a boon for not being able to face the noise pollution! All thanks to the pollution made by crackers.
The little cat lost her limb due to the injury by the burning cracker.
The family burnt their house because of their own crackers!
Why do something which harms people, nature and animals? It’s everyone’s Diwali after all !
Today is Fifth day of Diwali festival! Last few days I didn’t do anything special. Last evening I felt like this Diwali I literally didn’t do anything. No cooking sweets and snacks, no help cleaning home. Maybe because I had been sick since week and so my mother didn’t allow me to do much of work in house. People are posting their pictures on social networking sites of their new outfits, family get togethers, of them decorating their homes. And me doing nothing? Today morning I saw a maid who works as a sweeper in our place, with a uniform and mask doing her regular work! Which is nothing but sweeping floors! I felt how boring is that. On the day of festival too, she isn’t being able to spend time with her family. But there wasn’t even a mark of sorrow or disgust on her face! That moment I realized that these people who proudly do their duties during festivals and holidays are the ones who change the world!
This festival is to lighten up someone’s life.
This festival is to bring happiness in someone’s life.
This festival is to make other’s lives sweeter.
This festival is to bring a change in someone’s life!
Talk to someone with whom you hadn’t been in touch with since months. Be polite and kind to everyone, elder or younger. Help someone not with money but food. Gift your loved ones an adopted pet and not fire crackers. Make someone’s Diwali more special!