Somewhere I read ‘The humans have the highest intelligence, capability, thinking ability’ and then somewhere I read ‘The more I learn about humans, the more I like my dog’.
Human Nature- one of the most changing, unreliable, unpredictable thing in the world! (Sorry to be so negative). “Pugs is a cute and quiet little baby, German Shepherd seems to be wild”. We characterize the behaviors of animals as per their species (which actually isn’t true ) but here the entire human species having same animals, I mean humans shows so many different characteristics!
You never know who is genuinely good and who just appears to be good. There come a few behind whom you give up everything to keep them in your life but they don’t value your efforts. And then comes those with whom you aren’t much close, but for them you mean the world. It’s so difficult predict what someone thinks or feel about you. And the irony is, when we actually predict this, we are considered to be judgmental!!

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We never express or speak out what we actually think and feel. Our voices never depict and match our own actions. So many misunderstandings and unnecessary fights! All of a sudden your own people move away without any notice and you don’t know what sin have you performed to offend them because they never told you. And when you have finally forgiven and forgotten them, they pop up out of nowhere just for their own benefits. And you let them in because even though they don’t care but you do value them. On the other hand, there are those who are always there for you. They never leave you in your hard times. I have myself came across people who had been insulted by me unintentionally but they never left me or moved away from me. And we take such good souls for granted!
I had recently read this “Be the person your dog believes you are”. And I actually kept thinking whether we really are that kind and pure because humans keep changing their behaviors in front of everyone they meet. But today I let go off all those who wish to leave with peace without any grudges. I owe my gratitude to those for whom I mean a lot and who believe in me. I Thank the Almighty for such people in my life whom I can trust and who will leave me. I might not be a pure soul but I definitely choose to be peaceful and grateful!