At each and every aspect of my life , I’ve always realized that you should never ever let anyone feel superior to you. That’s the prime reason why people get a chance to put you down or take you for granted!
Why am I saying this? And what do I mean by this?
This world has double faced people. The moment you appreciate someone for a particular quality , they feel boastful. There exist a very few who genuinely accept the appreciation by you and are still down to earth. This happens in our day to day lives very oftenly. We sometimes feel that our friends, our colleagues are trying to put us down. But it’s we who are responsible for that. We have lowered ourselves down in comparison with them. Appreciation and making someone feel superior than us are two totally different things. “You are an amazing dancer.” “You dance way better than me.” The former is appreciating someone. But the latter makes yourself inferior.
Seniority, age, gender should never be an indication of skills and knowledge. Every person percieves things in different ways. A child can teach to enjoy life in a better way. Never ever feel inferior about yourself and always know your worth. The day you know your importance and worthy you are, world will know it too. You won’t have to prove it to people. Respect yourself first. The moment you know your worth you’ll stop giving a damn to others.
Not everyone acts boastful of their skills. Some are really humble. Some truly respect you. They always appreciate rather than criticize if you ever point out their mistake. If you aren’t good at something, they help you to improvise yourself. They never feel they are superior or you are inferior. And these people are the ones you should treasure!

Choose wisely when it comes to humans