We are too much attracted to the things that give happiness. To be precise, things which give ‘temporary happiness’. Every now and then we search for what can make us happy, delightful. But fail to understand that happiness, delight, bliss are just abstract feelings which cannot be seen, heard but felt! Then why do we seek things that look attractive? Why do we seek for a good news to hear?

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“I loved your attire. You look great in this.” And you shop for more such attires so as to receive multiple compliments.
“He’s a rich person. He has such a beautiful house, Mercedes car and even an iPhone!” Again these stuff make you look rich. But that doesn’t mean you’re a long time wealthy person. These things might determine your standard of living but not your happiness, nature, behavior, your intellect or personality!
The problem is, we know all this but fail to implement it. And when we tell people that we should never be materialistic and be happy with what we have, we sound typical “philosophers” to them. Being happy with what we have doesn’t mean we should stop achieving things. There are many more great things in life to get attracted to. Crave for knowledge, crave for success crave for daily motivation!
People barely have a cloth to wear, a piece of bread to eat and hardly a roof over head. And we even after being so fortunate to have everything are running behind our stupid ‘wants’ simply blind folded!

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Money – a paper with number and picture imprinted on it.
Wealth- positive attitude, people believing in you, your knowledge and your success.
Now ofcourse you need to invest money to gain knowledge but implementation of that knowledge shall gain you money back to your pockets! That’s a circle, you see!
There’s a huge difference between the Materialistic world and the Realistic world. Think where you wish to invest in!