Around a month back I saw this image and felt like I didn’t even realize that it’s been a year launching my blog! Again I apologise for being late for a entire month. This one year taught me so many things and even got me connected to a number of people all around the world.

I would like to give you all a gist of how I started blogging and how was my experience the entire year. I remember I used to write some or the other things in my little diary since school days. After my 12th grade somehow left the diary writing practice, maybe because I moved to another town for my graduation studies and got busy settling in there. But still despite of this change, writing never left me. I used to write my experiences, memories, philosophy. I wrote my 1st poem during the second year of my graduation course. After that poem, my love for penning down things raised to a peak. On the top of that I gotto know about blogging! And within a few months I started my blog.
And that’s how the journey began! From my very first blog post “Life is too short” to my very recent one “Paints, pencils, brushes and me” I found a drastic change not just in my write-ups but within myself. This entire year taught me to be positive, to be mature, to be happy always. I learned about life from different people of different age groups residing in different parts of the world. You see this world is huge, and I mean literally HUGE! And if you can connect with people around, you learn a lot! Each day I learn something new. Infact I make it a point that to learn daily.
During May 2017 I had written a post “Bloggers’world- the unbiased connect” which tells how beautiful this world of blogging is. And yes a completely unbaised connect! I met amazing people with such wonderful, kind hearts. Unknowingly I inspired many and there were many who inspired me!
This is the final year of my graduation and I am going to be a Physiotherapist. But yet the writer within me shall never ever leave! I used to feel at times, if I’m diverting from my goal of becoming doctor but now I feel the confidence within me that I can be the doctor who writes to inspire others. Till date I always said that I shall never leave to write but now I say that writing shall never leave me. I’ve somehow joined my name with ‘writing’
I would like to thank WordPress to provide a platform for talents of the newbies. And I would also like to thank everyone who encouraged me and always read my write-ups!

Hey friends, I’m glad to announce that after one year of my blogging I’m now going to launch a separate Travel Diary and Lifestyle section on my blog! So if you own a travel or lifestyle blog, please share the link in the comment section. I would love to have ideas.
Happy Blogging !!!