Different city, in a hostel she stays
Yet she talks to parents, the entire day
Though away from home, a hundred mile
But they always make her smile
Her best friend’s texts she daily reads
Feels like nothing more she needs
She has been missing her in a while
Yet thinking of her, always makes her smile
The patients she treats daily
Always leave the hospital merrily
Their rejoicing faces with smiles
Lightens up her day, making her smile
Returning from college, there she leaves
To feed furry friends she sees
Talking to them became her daily lifestyle
After all they too make her smile
Creating more connections with all
But always felt like a silent doll
Her hours might go in whichever style
Yet she always puts on a smile
-Natasha Tungare
There are little things that happen with us each day and those small things can make us smile. Never forget to put on your smile! After all “you’re never fully dressed without a smile”. Remember something-

We all smile in a same language!