Hey friends, I you guys read the first write-up of the series. If not you may read it up here ‘Perception’. After perception, coming up with the next changing abstract of human that is ‘thoughts
Thoughts differ from person to person. You can never predict what’s going on in a human mind. The areas in our brain which are responsible for cognition, have a separate area where thoughts generate. Thoughts are nothing but the reflections of what we have seen, whatever experiences we had our entire life. How do positive or negative thoughts generate?
A girl who had been tortured, raped, who had seen conflicts and fights since her childhood shall always have negative thoughts regarding humanity.
On the other hand those who might have never faced/seen any huge crisis in their lives might have never thought about the darker side in their life.
You see it’s easy to say ‘Think positive’ but it all depends on a person’s nature he acquired. So make sure you choose to percieve (as I said in my previous write-up) right lessons from your every experience so as to have right thoughts!
Hey guys, I know these philosophical topics might be getting little heavier for you all and many people shared their views on the same. I’m trying to make it as simple and concise as possible. You can anytime reach out to me or ask your difficulties in the comments section.
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