Hello friends, you all might have read my previous two write-ups on Perception and Thoughts . Going ahead with the series, today I’m going to talk about Emotions.
Have you guys seen this amazing movie ‘Inside Out’? If not please please do watch it! One of the best animated movies! I really wish to dive into the author’s mind who wrote it to find out how did he think of such a wonderful idea. So coming back to the point, in the movie remember the five basic emotions which they have illustrated beautifully?
Happiness, Sadness, Disgust, Anger and Fear! Yes, these are the five basic emotions. Many a times ’emotions’ are confused with ‘feelings’. They aren’t the same.
I’m feeling cheerful, because I’m happy
I’m feeling depressed, because I’m sad
Emotions and feelings are interconnected but not synonyms of each other. Though dictionaries say that they are synonyms but they aren’t perceived the same. Human emotions are continuously changing. We can never be in a particular emotion for long time. “Mood Swings” what we call are again due to changing emotions.
You all might have heard about many kinds of psychiatric disorders like anxiety disorder, emotional incontinence (exaggeration of a particular emotion). These occur due to certain abnormalities in brain areas. Not going much into medical aspect, but what I want you all to understand is, it’s pretty easy to say ‘don’t worry’, ‘keep smiling’ but in reality one emotion cannot last longer.
I hope I made it little simple for you all to understand. To those who question the Almighty “Why God, why am I always sad?” I hope you understand that your sadness doesn’t last longer. It’s just a feeling and it shall pass anyways :))
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