After my write-ups on ‘Perception’, ‘Thoughts’ and ‘Emotions’ here I come up with the next changing abstract that is ‘Belief’
I say that today is Friday because I believe it is. We created days, months, years, entire calendar and we believe that these exist.
Why do we celebrate our birthdays? It’s just an ordinary day for others but we believe that it is special for us. No one has seen the universe, not even galaxy but still we believe that it does exist.
Belief cannot be seen but felt. We know that something exists because we believe in it’s presence. It is a kind of mental acceptance, a conviction, a faith or a trust. Science is researching about many psychological behavioural patterns which creates the belief system in humans. Our belief in something also depends on our experiences, things we have been watching and hearing since our childhood.
Heard about this amazing book ‘The Secret’? It talks entirely about belief system itself. Again it is our own perception which makes us believe in certain things. Many a time it happens that we hear about some superstitious incidents. Some choose to believe them, some don’t.
Make sure that if you truly want to prove something or achieve something great, the first step towards the same is ‘Believe in it’. A stronger belief system conquers the world!
I hope I’m changing your belief system:))
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