After my successful four write-ups on human abstracts which are Perception, Thoughts, Emotions and Beliefs here I finally come up with the last and the fifth write-up in the series of ‘5 Changing Abstracts’ which is ‘Human Desires’.
Human desires are again something which keep on changing continuously throughout our lifetime. There is a reason behind why I chose to keep this as the last topic of the series. It’s because our perceptions, thoughts, beliefs and emotions regarding certain things which change our desires too. Let me make it a little simple giving you an example-
I decided not to spend too much on shopping. Walking by lanes in the street market, I saw a beautiful sling (perception about sling). I’ll be glad to add it to my wardrobe (emotion). So I think I should buy it (thought). Looking at the discount offer, I bought it (belief).
Sling was just a small example. Every person desires to have expensive cars, villas and much more. I wanted to buy a laptop but now I feel I should buy a new phone. Again it is because our desires change. Has it ever happened with you, that another person inculcates certain idea in your mind and you just start thinking about it? It can be anything. Your friend bought a new phone, told you about it’s features and you desired to have the one.
Our wishes and desires decides our priorities. Hence make sure you prioritize the correct thing! Your every decision depends on the other 4 changing abstracts!
Hey friends, so finally I would like to end this series. I had many people suggesting me some points, many of them had certain doubts which I hope I had cleared. But I truly appreciate your views. I know that I might have confused you, might have put up questions in your mind or even might have changed your thinking but the most important thing I want you all to know is your decisions in life are dependent on these 5 Abstracts. And these abstracts are indirectly dependent on your innate nature. All of these 5 Abstracts are interconnected!
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