Haikus are a form of tiny poetries of three lines. First line consists of 3 words, 2nd line 5 words and 3rd line 3 words again. So that’s 3-5-3. There’s also a combination of 5-7-5. Haikus show a connection between all the three lines which means three lines of a single Haiku completes it entirely!

As I had mentioned in my post “My Poetic Heart” that I’m learning about different types of poems, haiku is one of them and so thought of trying a few Haikus!

Beautify yourself more
Wear your, pretty smiling face
Conquer each day

Walking in moonlight
Staring above at boundless universe
Shining dreamful eyes

I looked at the sky
And saw those stars smiling at me
Though my Moon never turned up

I grew colder
To all criticism and fakeness
Was tagged ‘stonehearted’

You say richness is crucial
You say beautiful face and body is important
I say you’re just Materialistic

Deep down in silent waters
With wide eyes and heart she immersed
The Death God was here
Beautiful green meadows
Lying down under sky’s blanket
That’s my wish


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Knock knock! Comment your Haikus if you love writing one and I’ll be publishing them on my blog in my next “Tinge of Haikus” with your name!