A few days ago, I was just scrolling through my camera roll and tears rolled down my eyes. You know when you have created memories at a place, you can never forget that place. Hostel, is one of the place for me where I’ve created memories. It is a place where I’ve had a lot many experiences. Experience is the best teacher and hence my hostel life proves to be my best teacher.
Every person has different turning points in their lives which turn out to be an opportunity, sometimes a lesson, or at times an experience for them. And I have had all of these in my hostel life. These turning points become an integral part of lives as they always open up a completely new world before you! For me, hostel life was one of the turning points. It changed me, my thought process, my behavior, my personality, my approach towards life. This turning point happened to me after my 12th grade (junior college) when I had to move out into a completely new city for higher education.
New connections, new place, new residence and most importantly being away from home. Coping up and adjusting with these wasn’t an easy task for me. But I knew that this is for my own betterment and so went on with the flow, though I’m not a person who goes with a flow. I always need some twists and turns in life. I hate being monotonous. Haha! Yes hostel life has always been something which bought twist and turns to my monotonous life! There are uncountable things I’ve learned here from different sources. Friends, college, colleagues, teachers and strangers too. Culture and people in a new city truly has a lot to teach you ! And hence moving into a new place actually proved to be a boon. Being an introvert it was initially difficult for me to socialize. But I soon got along really well. You know when everything just falls at it’s perfect place! Perfect roommates, friends, perfect space.
It’s been four years and I’m so much in love with the change in me! Change in behavior, change in mindset, introvert being to ambivert being, change in personality, habits, and a lot more.
This single writeup is too small to describe the ‘entire me’. Sometimes I just think if at all I would have never taken this opportunity, would have never moved to a new place, I would have never ever evolved so much. I would have never explored myself, would have been a complete monotonous minded person! Maybe I wouldn’t have thought of writing or playing guitar which are now my favorite hobbies. And this is the reason I gave my blog, the title “Explore Yourself”. This thought makes me feel so good about my decisions as hostel life is the place where I have discovered my own self. After all you’re not evolving if you don’t have a thrilling life!
Around 2 months back I had mentioned in my post Blogging Anniversary about starting a ‘lifestyle’ section. I was wondering what I’ll be writing in the same. I’m not a shopheholic person, neither am I a fashionista. But now I got something to talk about! Yes, my own ‘Hostel Lifestyle’. There are people out there who aren’t able to cope up, adjust in a new city. I hope my articles on what I learnt in my hostel life helps you in your journey of life and make your life more meaningful in a new place!