Publishing something after such a long time! Almost more than a month! This entire month I figured out a lot many things about myself, surrounding world, people and a lot more and yes, I’m going to share many things with you all!
Reading the title you might have imagined that painful wisdom tooth you get. Eventually it gets way too much irritating and then ultimately you have to get it removed. Why remove it? It is a part of the body after all. But still it becomes necessary to throw it away due to the pain and irritation it causes which is unbearable. But learn to let that wisdom tooth go!

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Similarly, in our lives we meet a number of people. Some in the form of friends, some are our own natives, and some our colleagues. Many of these become close to us. We share good and bad times with many of them, we fight and get back together and we share a healthy relationship with them. But at times we find that not all are worth maintaining a healthy relation. And at such times you need to let go off certain ones. No no, don’t get me wrong here! What I wish to tell you all by this is, you end up doing everything for the people around but they ultimately exploit you! I had recently read a quote “If you wish to rise high up, you need to let go off all those who weigh you down”. Initially I had felt how can we push people away. It is emotionally difficult. But sometimes you have to because they pull you down.
Excess of anything leads to toxicity. Even medicine, which usually cures turns out to be harmful when consumed in excess. You don’t realize how toxic can someone be untill you breathe the fresh air! Learn to let go off those who emotionally drain you out. It is really important for you. People aren’t bad, sometimes situations and experiences make them like that. But deep inside you do come to know if that person is worth your trust.
Make those kinds of connections where you don’t talk to them for days but it’s still all the same. Those kinds of connections where you don’t have to think if that person will judge you. Those kinds of connections where you don’t need to put efforts just to please them or keep them in life. You know that they are anyways going to be there. Infact you have your own beautiful life to make the best of it. Then why live it pleasing others? Those connections where you don’t have to show how much you care or love. It’s already there because of the healthy trust you build! During my years of hostel life which again taught me a lot, this was something I’ll never forget that- you don’t always need to be present physically to make people feel better!
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