I’m not writing this representing a particular country. I’m not writing this thinking about my own people. This is for each one of you!

Background image credits- PicsArt
Sometimes I feel how badly I have to adjust in my hostel life,
Then I remember our soldiers who not just have to adjust but adapt to everything they face
Sometimes I feel how homesick I’m, being away from parents,
Then I remember our soldiers who leave their families with least expectations of returning back
Sometimes I feel I’ve too many difficulties in my life,
Then I remember our soldiers who fight each day to keep our nation away from difficulties
Sometimes I feel so stressful with my work and day to day schedule
Then I remember our soldiers guarding us everyday so that we live a stress-free life
Sometimes I feel so irritated when I’m unable to complete my sleep
Then I remember our soldiers who spend sleepless nights to protect us
Sometimes I feel like celebrating all occasions with family
Then I remember our soldiers celebrating every moment with their motherland…

We wake up safe each day. We walk and drive safe each day. Every day we feel that we are in safe hands. And the credits to our protection goes to our soldiers who thrive day and night serving their motherland.
Do something to show love to your motherland! Do something to devote to your soldiers!