Itโ€™s been a month since he was chosen as the Prime Minister of our country again. Just like 2014, people have again entrusted him with handling the reigns of this wonderful country. He has been
instrumental in transforming not just the nation but also many Indians. If I would ever converse with him, these would be my words…

Respected Sir,
My parents always say that we should thank the Almighty for everything we have. Since my childhood I always thanked God for everything, each day. Today I want to thank you. Not for me but for our Nation! Though this is just a drop in the ocean of letters, emails and tweets that you receive, I still felt like writing to you. My father always wanted me to become an IAS officer but that was neither my dream or passion. I am a doctor now, a physiotherapist doing what I love. Now I realize that to serve our country I need not become an officer. By just doing my role as a physiotherapist, I can passionately heal my countrymen.
I was never a person who used to be keen about what is happening in our country. But this is the biggest change in me. Now I am not only keen to know about day to day happenings in our country but also working on making things better around me by simply doing my role. You are one of the major reason for that. Other reason being my handsome and wonderful friend Prafull. This is the letter to thank you for the change you have created in me, this citizen of India. โ€œBoond Boond se banta hai Sagar,โ€ similarly I hope every Indian sees a kind of a change within themselves so that they can serve our nation in a better way.
I have more faith in humanity now. I literally get this fatherly feeling when I look at you. Not just that, I also feel that after a long time India is marching in the right direction. I am sure every citizen of our country feels more or less the same. This is the voice of a citizen who now definitely knows that India is ONE! This is the voice of that every human who now feels safe in this country and I am sure that India will be one of the most powerful country under your dynamic leadership.
Your obediently
Natasha Tungare
Phew, I just wrote it all at one stroke. I donโ€™t even know if these few words will reach him. I just felt like writing, picked my notepad and wrote it all. Since childhood I never had an Ideal Role model. But I think our PM Mr. Narendra Modi might just fit the bill.