Hello there, I hope you all are doing great. So, my readers who have been reading my blog since quiet a while might have realised the kind of content I write about. And for those who are new to this site, let me ell you something about myself and about this site you have arrived across. I am a physiotherapist and now a writer as well. I illustrate about my real life experiences and what I learn from day to day life in the form of poetries, haikus and articles. We conduct guest posting for writers under similar niche.
And this month as well I am conducting guest posts on theme ‘Your Story’. We all have some or the other story. We all have some memories we want to express out. Each day is a story, each person is a story, each of your action is a story. So tell me your story.

Image Credits- pexels.com
Guidelines for submission:
1) Your article/poetry should be based on your experience, your dreams or fantasies. It should be about / related to you.
2) Word limit for article- 200-500 words. No word limit for poetry, it should be less than 30 lines.
3) Your article/poetry should be in word format or simple text format.
4) Strictly no copying content from other sites. Plagiarism check will be done.
5) You are allowed to attach a picture / photograph related to your article or poetry (only 1 photograph).
6) Add your name and a short bio of yours. Also add your website link or Instagram handle so that we can tag you and back link your website (if any).
[Note- if you wish to keep your identity anonymous, inform us about the same and your identity will be kept confidential ๐Ÿ™‚ ]
7) And finally, submit your beautiful work on
Email Id- exploreyourself22@gmail.com
Or DM on Instagram- her_poetic_soul
8) Deadline- 20th August 9019
For getting your work featured on Instagram: follow the above IG account, tag me in your lovely writeup and you will be featured ๐Ÿ™‚
Waiting to read from you guys!