A year ago, on 31st December 2019 I was alone in my hostel room in pajamas. My all roommates were out at their friend’s place and at their hometown. I remember all food delivery apps were not working post 9pm and so I had prepared pasta and hot chocolate and was proudly flaunting it! I was missing my family back then. I had been spending New Year’s eve away from home for almost five years. Today, I am with my parents welcoming this New Year, but I do miss my hostel family as well. Yes, this is what our life is. We always miss something which is not there with us now, isn’t it? So here ending the chapter 2019, let us begin another beautiful chapter 2020.

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I would like to quote some of the best things happened to me in 2019 and I am truly grateful for those.

1) Goodbye to Phobia and Anxiety: One of the worst phase in 2019 was the month of April when I had terrible anxiety, unnecessary phobia and insomnia. I used to feel anxious and fearful about smallest things during those days. But eventually I managed to keep my mind busy and come out of it. It took me 3 months to completely come out of that phase. I am grateful to this phase as it taught me to be a fearless person, which now I am.

2) Our frequency attracts people of same kind: I met some of the beat people who taught me how to process my emotions, how to take right decisions, how to engage in social work, how to analyze myself and to love my work. These weren’t just people whom I met in person, but the virtual and online world too taught me a lot! 2019 got me close to people who are of my kind and I am super grateful to the amazing year as well as to these awesome people.

3) Embracing the New Me: I shifted back to my hometown from another city bidding a goodbye to hostel life. I did and still do miss my hostel life. But most importantly I learned to embrace the change in me after moving back to my hometown. After the phase of my anxiety and difficulty in processing my emotions, I learned to express.

4) A turning point to my writing hobby: Two best things that happened in 2019 were- I got my first self-hosted website done and all credits goes to a friend of mine who did this for me. The next one is- I have always been dreaming about writing as my side hustle and yes I see it coming. Each day I am feeling more confident and equally excited to work for this dream of mine.

5) A smile on patient’s face: Physiotherapy is my passion and adding value to a patient’s life is all I want. I am yet to learn a lot in this field. I might not be a perfect physio who treat patients and get results immediately but I always want to make them feel special. It really makes me feel awesome when they smile because of me. May they recover from every illness and may this year be one of the best for them.

A year not only comes with all happiness but some gloomy days as well. I did make mistakes, a lot rather. But I learned from them. On every 1st day of a new year, I do the things that I love to for the entire day. Today, as I am out for a holiday, I am unable to treat patients and play guitar. But every year I make sure, I do so. But yes, here I am writing and blogging and spending time with family. It is ok to miss out on some things but that does not mean you completely forget them. I suddenly realized, today I wrote this entire post just like I write in my diary. But I am happy about it:)

30 Days Experiment: So here is something I have decided to do (inspired by one of the amazing persons). This January for 39 days I have decided to invest each 10 minutes of mine into reading something spiritual. At the end of 30 days I shall share my experience with you all. Are you up for this experiment with me?

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If you are up for the 30 days experiment and change your life to what you really want to, start it now itself!

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