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Life is full of experiences, both sweet and sour. You learn from both of these. And this is what gives you power to find yourself...



Hospital- Teaching and Preaching

Keep your eyes and ears open and you will get to learn a lot from your environment around!!! When you are working at a place for really long, you somehow get attached to that place. And yes, for me this… Continue Reading →


Scared as hell As I look in that crystal mirror Showing me reflection Of my own self in terror Scared as hell When I can see the upcomings there Walking on a path Which I know gonna lead nowhere Scared… Continue Reading →

Three Day Quote challenge- Day 2

And here comes Day 2 of the Three Day Quote challenge. Again I wholeheartedly thank my friend Anamika for nominating me for this challenge. I’m so damn glad to have her as my blogger friend! So here I go consecutively… Continue Reading →

Three Day Quote challenge- Day 1

Hey there fellas! I’m so glad and excited to tell you all that I got nominated for the Three Day Quote challenge. I thank Anamika to find me worth for this challenge. The best thing I like about her is… Continue Reading →

A Tinge of Haikus #1

Haikus are a form of tiny poetries of three lines. First line consists of 3 words, 2nd line 5 words and 3rd line 3 words again. So that’s 3-5-3. There’s also a combination of 5-7-5. Haikus show a connection between… Continue Reading →

The 5 Changing Abstracts: 5) Desires

After my successful four write-ups on human abstracts which are Perception, Thoughts, Emotions and Beliefs here I finally come up with the last and the fifth write-up in the series of ‘5 Changing Abstracts’ which is ‘Human Desires’. Human desires… Continue Reading →

The 5 Changing Abstracts: 4) Beliefs

After my write-ups on ‘Perception’, ‘Thoughts’ and ‘Emotions’ here I come up with the next changing abstract that is ‘Belief’ I say that today is Friday because I believe it is. We created days, months, years, entire calendar and we… Continue Reading →

My Poetic Heart- World Poetry Day

A Poetic heart of mine sways swiftly To my own fantasy world every hourly Poems run through my every nerve and vein Healing my body’s every possible pain I’m really sorry for interrupting our ‘Changing Abstracts’ series, but this write-up… Continue Reading →

The 5 Changing Abstracts- 3)Emotions

Hello friends, you all might have read my previous two write-ups on Perception and Thoughts . Going ahead with the series, today I’m going to talk about Emotions. Have you guys seen this amazing movie ‘Inside Out’? If not please… Continue Reading →

The 5 changing abstracts- 2) Thoughts

Hey friends, I you guys read the first write-up of the series. If not you may read it up here ‘Perception’. After perception, coming up with the next changing abstract of human that is ‘thoughts‘ Thoughts differ from person to… Continue Reading →

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