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Life is full of experiences, both sweet and sour. You learn from both of these. And this is what gives you power to find yourself...



The ICU Deathbeds

I had my postings in ICU (Intensive Care Unit) in the hospital. Patients who have had road traffic accidents and had head injuries, complicated fractures were all admitted here. They were in a critical condition, lying unconscious and hence put… Continue Reading →

The Best Gift!

Small or large gifts doesn’t matter. What matters is how affectionately is the person gifting. Being in medical field, specially in Physiotherapy field we spend a lot of time with our patients. We see many patients in the entire day… Continue Reading →

The Pride being Physio!

“Why didn’t you take MBBS if you wanted to anyways be in Medical field?” asked my friends “Why don’t you become a lawyer like your Dad?” asked my relatives And I never had one answer. Because I have multiple purposes… Continue Reading →

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