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Life is full of experiences, both sweet and sour. You learn from both of these. And this is what gives you power to find yourself...



Her broken wall

(Background image- pexels.com) Long ago the world she was in Giggling and smiling, Dancing and singing Forests and rains, clouds and mountains Were all her escapes Thou shan’t know where she belongs Thou shan’t make out to her secret walls… Continue Reading →

And That's when you glow…

Writing a poem after really long! After all that’s how I put up my feelings… (Image credits- Facebook images) When the soul feels it right When your inner self shines bright When you adore the real you That’s where you… Continue Reading →

None knows the Real You

Your mind comprising thoughts enormous Wishing to shout through silence within you But timid soul never dared to Because none knows the real you World around you eager to judge Your feels percieved only by a few But fragile soul… Continue Reading →

My Poetic Heart- World Poetry Day

A Poetic heart of mine sways swiftly To my own fantasy world every hourly Poems run through my every nerve and vein Healing my body’s every possible pain I’m really sorry for interrupting our ‘Changing Abstracts’ series, but this write-up… Continue Reading →

Just a Smile :)

Different city, in a hostel she stays Yet she talks to parents, the entire day Though away from home, a hundred mile But they always make her smile Her best friend’s texts she daily reads Feels like nothing more she… Continue Reading →

The Cloud Palace

Image credits: Facebook page Up there in the vault of heaven Is my magnificent cloud eleven Ornate with bright cotton velvet My palace offers me a banquet The snowy dome of it’s magnificent hall Making me completely enthrall I get… Continue Reading →

Formalities seemed sincere!

We meet many but get attach to few With them, informal chat isn’t something new Being close to humans gives a sense of fear Because Formalities seemed more sincere Thoughts convert into conversations Then is the disappearance of cordial relations… Continue Reading →

Poem: Waiting To Heal

This was originally posted on- Shumila Malik I loved this poem and hence thought to share with all.  The pain I feel today won’t even matter tomorrow, Time will heal all my wounds and drown my sorrow. Why then, like… Continue Reading →

You're within me

In the midst of darkest night In the shine of bright sunlight At every beautiful scenery site I try to find You!   In nooks and niches of my room Highly desperate to see you soon In my backyard lawns… Continue Reading →

Stay Cheerful

I  do feel sometimes low Though reason for this I never know A sweet smile starts my dawn But at times an evening might be a frown People, things , thoughts and environment Is all what usually influences me But… Continue Reading →

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