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Life is full of experiences, both sweet and sour. You learn from both of these. And this is what gives you power to find yourself...

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The Veiled Face…

The depth in her dark jet black eyes Her bright smile hiding painful lies In this lonely world whom she could call And her veil had to conceal it all Owning up her own mistakes Without letting anymore heartbreaks Her… Continue Reading →

Another Change… Chapter 2019

A year ago exactly at the same time when I had written this poem As Clock Strikes 12 I had so many different things in mind. Someone has truly said that “The person you were, the person you are and… Continue Reading →

The Tiny Souls

When we hear this word “kids” we have the image of that cute, chubby, little face in our minds. And yes who doesn’t like these little fellas? But there are some of these souls who are neglected by the world… Continue Reading →

Hospital- Teaching and Preaching

Keep your eyes and ears open and you will get to learn a lot from your environment around!!! When you are working at a place for really long, you somehow get attached to that place. And yes, for me this… Continue Reading →

Her broken wall

(Background image- pexels.com) Long ago the world she was in Giggling and smiling, Dancing and singing Forests and rains, clouds and mountains Were all her escapes Thou shan’t know where she belongs Thou shan’t make out to her secret walls… Continue Reading →

And That's when you glow…

Writing a poem after really long! After all that’s how I put up my feelings… (Image credits- Facebook images) When the soul feels it right When your inner self shines bright When you adore the real you That’s where you… Continue Reading →

Life's Wisdom Tooth

Publishing something after such a long time! Almost more than a month! This entire month I figured out a lot many things about myself, surrounding world, people and a lot more and yes, I’m going to share many things with… Continue Reading →


Scared as hell As I look in that crystal mirror Showing me reflection Of my own self in terror Scared as hell When I can see the upcomings there Walking on a path Which I know gonna lead nowhere Scared… Continue Reading →

Hostel Life- My Best Teacher

A few days ago, I was just scrolling through my camera roll and tears rolled down my eyes. You know when you have created memories at a place, you can never forget that place. Hostel, is one of the place… Continue Reading →

None knows the Real You

Your mind comprising thoughts enormous Wishing to shout through silence within you But timid soul never dared to Because none knows the real you World around you eager to judge Your feels percieved only by a few But fragile soul… Continue Reading →

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