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The River…

Coming up with the next guest post and apologies because I’ve really really delayed it a lot!! This poetry is by amazing writer Pamela Jessen… Photography by- LifeCapturedinLens I stand on the edge of a river The water runs clear… Continue Reading →

The End is Near…

Coming up with the next guest post. Here’s an amazing piece by talented poet Mudita. The End Is Near Image credits: pexels.com As the time to depart nears by, Heavy drops of memories roll off my eye. As this chapter… Continue Reading →

Guest Post 1: You're not the only one

So finally started with publishing our guest bloggers!! Here presenting a beautiful poem by Miss Uma Marda. Title: You’re not the only one People always say, ‘Why always me? ‘ Ask yourself, ‘ Why not you? ‘ Many are suffering… Continue Reading →

None knows the Real You

Your mind comprising thoughts enormous Wishing to shout through silence within you But timid soul never dared to Because none knows the real you World around you eager to judge Your feels percieved only by a few But fragile soul… Continue Reading →

A Tinge of Haikus #2 -By my guests!

Hey there fellas! And this my final guest post of the “Poetry Month”. These are the beautiful Haikus written by my guest writers. Thank you so much for making my post more wonderful by your submissions. You guys are truly… Continue Reading →

Guest blog- A poem by Azzurra Nox

As I had mentioned in my post My Poetic Heart , I’ve started accepting guest poems. And I got truly amazing response. One such poem is by Azzurra Nox. About Author: Born in Catania, Sicily, Azzurra Nox has led a… Continue Reading →

A Tinge of Haikus #1

Haikus are a form of tiny poetries of three lines. First line consists of 3 words, 2nd line 5 words and 3rd line 3 words again. So that’s 3-5-3. There’s also a combination of 5-7-5. Haikus show a connection between… Continue Reading →

My Poetic Heart- World Poetry Day

A Poetic heart of mine sways swiftly To my own fantasy world every hourly Poems run through my every nerve and vein Healing my body’s every possible pain I’m really sorry for interrupting our ‘Changing Abstracts’ series, but this write-up… Continue Reading →

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